Patch smells really good - like warm pieOh, another patch!

Pixl Patches is a little wholesome game that leads you through a short journey about loss and friendship.

You play as introvert Robin the Rabbit, who lives in a small apartment-complex which was managed by the late houskeeper Landry. They were the heart and soul of the community and it's up to you to fulfill their last wish.
Explore the sweet setting and meet quirky characters along the way up and down the apartments.

This game was made in about 2 weeks for the Diverse Game Develpers Fund Game Jam. If you have any questions get in touch with us!



your friendly indiehood game devs

Kathin Radtke (she/her)- Programmer and energetic person all around
You can find her on Twitter

Zoë Koç (she/her) - Game Designer and really into plants and cats
She's been seen around here: Twitter

Sophie A. Herrmann (she/her) - Artist and daydreamer
Check out her art and stuff: Artstation and Youtube

Kasimir Blust (he/his)- Programmer and getting really good at cooking.
Find him on Twitter

Sound Effects
“Oculus Audio Pack”
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Copyright (c) 2015, Oculus VR, LLC. All rights reserved.

Fender Bender by Bad Snacks

Be yourself <3

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Animals, Pixel Art, wholesome


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idk how to download it

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Cute game.(Your welcome!)

Thanks a lot. We're happy you liked the game :D

Amazing, I really enjoyed it! :0

Thank you so much <3

I can’t play the game for some reason and it’s not showing me the full screen:/

Sorry for answering so late! The Fullscreenmode does in fact not work so we recomment to play it in wondow mode. But I hope that you were still able to play the game in the end :)!


This game is beautiful and fantastic. For someone with 3D motion sickness, at least I can enjoy peacefully without any side effect.


That is so great to hear! Thank you <3


I really love it. It is so cute and chilling! 

Thanks - that's exactly the mood we tried to achieve. (:

This is SUCH a beautiful lil game <3  The characters, the aesthetics, the message, everything is so cute u.u

Thank you very much - it's really lovely to hear such feedback. <3

Awesome game!  I really enjoyed it!

Thanks so much!


who had the key

Such a super sweet game! Loved all the characters and their little story!

Muchas gracias - we're glad you enjoyed it. (:


Oh mu goshh this is sooo cute love the athmosphere and damn the charachters are so cute n cool!! Lovely designed mini game damn ım soo chill now thanks!! was so touching uwu


Hey, thank you very much. (: We're happy you enjoyed our game. Those little breaks during the day are what we are aiming for. <3


I really enjoyed playing Pixl Patches! A very cute and touching game :)

Thank you so much! <3